About Me

Hi, I’m Yura. I have been working as a web developer for more years.
My career started in 2015, as an apprentice for an experienced Drupal developer. In this role, in practice, learned the basics of PHP, HTML, CSS, Js. My work at that time was to create and edit themes for Drupal 6, 7.
At the beginning of 2016, having gained experience and skills, I began to be more actively interested in parsers on Drupal CMS and others. And by the beginning of March of the same year I entered the position of developer Drupal, in whose role I worked until December 2016.
Since that time the relevance such as the Drupal CMS kept falling and falling, it was decided to change the specialization. From that moment on, I began to delve into WordPress. So in February 2017,I received a new position, namely, a WordPress developer in the company Devenup . Working as part of this company, I created templates from which WordPress themes later made. So I delved into the layout, namely, I met and learned, ui ux design, work with Gulp, JS, NodeJS, SASS, LESS, bootstrap. Similarly, software such as Ps, Ai. Unfortunately I was forced to leave work in this company in May 2018, due to health problems.
From September 2018, I worked as a freelancer, improving my skills and developing in writing bots and parsers.
To summarize, I’m a young -year-old developer with years of experience.


CSS3(Sass, Less, Bootstrap)
Js (NodeJs, jQuery)
CMS (WordPress, Drupal)

Areas of Interest